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The Medieval Latin variety has no Latin origin but most likely originates within a Gaulish noun pettiā, which explains why there's no cognate term in Romanian ( piece in Romanian is bucată ). The American colloquialism wanna get a piece of me? (a obstacle to your battle) dates again to 1953; piece in the derogatory sense “Female or female (regarded as a sexual intercourse item)” dates back for the 16th century; piece of ass to 1857; and (awful) piece of labor dates within the 18th century.

piece from the action Slang A share of the activity or of earnings: "a piece of your action in a very Florida land deal" (Shana Alexander).

A father recounts to his little ones, by way of a number of flashbacks, the journey he and his 4 greatest good friends took primary as much as him Conference their mom.

Even so, I made me a desk and a chair, as I observed earlier mentioned, in the first place; and this I did out of your small pieces of boards that I introduced on my raft with the ship.

Browning's most excellent piece of labor, for pregnancy of intellect, coupled with faultless expression in a superbly novel however symmetrical define: and he may be very probably proper.

Swimsuits made from technologically Highly developed fabrics biomimetically developed by using a area that mimics the rough shark denticles to lower drag together important regions of your body[citation necessary].

A person with shingles can pass the varicella-zoster virus to anybody who isn't really resistant to chickenpox. This normally occurs by direct connection with the open up sores with the shingles rash. The moment infected, the person will produce chickenpox, nevertheless, not shingles.

: an volume which is Reduce or divided from a bigger part of anything : an volume of one thing regarded as independently through the rest : a little usually broken Section of some thing See the complete definition for piece

“Lots of people who experienced their Children within their late 20s and 30s obtain themselves with Youngsters 10 to 20 of their 40s,” Concepcion says. “You remain young sufficient to maintain up with their Young ones, nonetheless old enough to determine and stay with guidelines and certainly be there for them.

Produced from neoprene, they arrive in numerous thicknesses and variations depending on the user's interests. Wetsuits preserve the wearer warm by trapping a thin layer of drinking water near to the skin which heats up resulting from system temperature.

Contrary to typical swimsuits, that are designed generally for your aesthetic appearances, swimsuits designed to be worn through competitions check here are manufactured to help the athlete in swim competitions. They lessen friction and drag inside the water, escalating the efficiency on the swimmer's ahead motion.

But You cannot match nearly him, nnnyehhh! Doffy differs! He's on a unique stage! With a madness fostered from his extremely start! Along with a wrath invited by fate! The earth has cast this guy right into a bloodthirsty warrior demon!

Through the fifties, it had been imagined correct with the decreased Component of the bikini to return up substantial adequate to include the navel. Within the nineteen sixties on, the bikini shrank in all directions right until it from time to time protected minimal more than the nipples and genitalia, Though a lot less revealing models giving much more help into the breasts remained well-known. Concurrently, vogue designer Rudi Gernreich released the monokini, a topless accommodate for Women of all ages consisting of the modest bottom supported by two thin straps.

This editor, often called Giraffedata, is among lots of who maintain nonstandard makes use of of comprise and compose among their top rated grammatical pet peeves. Today we investigate both of these phrases as well as conventions …

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